Mental Well-being Certification for 
Fitness Professionals

The world's first mental well-being certification specifically designed for fitness professionals, grounded in evidence-based research, self care practices, and a psychological perspective on exercise, nutrition, connection and mindfulness.

CECs Approved by:


of personal training clients talk to their trainer about nutrition, stress, sleep, and injury.


of people exercise for their mental/emotional well-being.


of peer-reviewed research found a positive, statistically significant relationship between exercise/physical activity and mental health.

The certification that changes everything

Help more people

Help more people

We are bridging the gap between traditional fitness and mental well-being, reaching more people than ever. This certification will benefit not only fitness professionals, but also their staff, their clients, and their communities.

Stand out and get more clients

Stand out and get more clients

This certification elevates your credibility, enriching your offerings and propelling your career to the next level.

Don't be left behind

Don't be left behind

Tomorrow's fitness pros must recognize mental well-being as a necessity. Moving beyond trends, this certification will teach you essential skills to shape your growth, and career, and help you have the positive impact you strive to achieve in fitness.

Embark on   your journey


Enroll, fast and simple

Enroll in the first ever mental well-being certification for fitness professionals and take an important step towards empowering your clients on their self care journey.


Learn, connect, and grow at your own pace

Embrace this journey at your own pace, connect with like-minded students taking the online certification, and reinforce your knowledge through engaging quizzes. This isn't just a certification - it's a path to understanding mental well-being more deeply.


From exam into empowerment

Completing your certification is a significant achievement that equips you with valuable tools to profoundly impact your clients' lives, foster self-care, and promote mental well-being in transformative ways.


Step into a Year of Growth – unlimited access to powerful resources

Embark on a year-long journey of transformation with our membership, offering enriching courses, insightful resources, and a vibrant community, all harmonizing towards your well-being.

Your journey's blueprint

Dive into the influences of exercise, nutrition, connection, and mindfulness on well-being while confronting biases and stigmas linked to mental well-being. This 20-hour online certification explores effective coaching practices for nurturing client relationships, defining the role of fitness professionals in managing mental well-being concerns, and explaining the protocols for appropriate referrals. For more information about the certification, visit our FAQ page.

Redefining/Re-approaching Mental Health

Navigate the complex landscapes of mental health and illness, examine prevalent disorders and their treatments, and spotlight the integrative, whole-person approach at the heart of our mission.

Movement and Exercise

Explore the scientifically-backed influence of exercise on mental health and well-being. Learn the application of evidence-based practices, tailored for individual or group sessions, fostering self-reliant exercise and movement modalities.

Eating Well and Nutrition

Discover the intertwined relationships between nutrition, gut health, and mental well-being, grounded in current scientific evidence. Learn practical strategies to share evidence-based dietary guidance within the fitness professional's realm of expertise.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Uncover the links between stress, mental health, and mindfulness, along with their practical, scientifically-backed applications for enhancing individual and group well-being.

Social Connection

Understand the significance of social connection in mental health and well-being, backed by current scientific evidence, while learning to nurture empathy, foster connections, and deliver effective social support through practical skills.

Creating a Safe Space

Navigate biases and stigmas tied to mental health, their intersections with varied oppressions, and learn strategies for fostering inclusivity and mitigating bias in fitness contexts.

Basic Health & Wellness Coaching Skills

Master strategies for fostering positive client relationships, using targeted communication and evidence-based coaching practices, while addressing cognitive distortions related to health behaviors.

Ethics & Collaboration

Define the fitness professional's boundaries in working with clients with mental health conditions, identify potential signs of mental health issues, and master the protocols for referring clients to appropriate mental health professionals.

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The problem

We stand at the heart of a global challenge where mental well-being seeks our collective attention. The synergy of nutrition, exercise, connection, and mindfulness holds transformative potential, often overlooked. We are contributing to the mental well-being renaissance that champions an integrative approach focusing on self-care practices and enlightening the pathway to mental well-being.

Meet the experts

We've gathered the top minds from the mental well-being and fitness spaces to create this ground-breaking certification.

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