Changing the way the world treats mental health

We are a not-for-profit association committed to educating professionals on how to integrate mental well-being practices into the lives of their clients and students. Our focus lies on the integral combination of exercise, nutrition, connection and mindfulness, all aimed at revolutionizing mental well-being.

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Illuminating the path to mental wellness - join the community of fitness professionals and teachers at the forefront of change. Embrace the world's first mental well-being certification, grounded in evidence-based research and a psychological perspective on nutrition, exercise, connection and mindfulness. Together, let's brighten the future of mental well-being for all.

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Empower your mind and energize your life with exercise, unlocking unbeatable wellness.


Nourish your brain, balance mood, manage stress, and support gut health. Choose wisely, feel better.


Cultivate the art of being present to foster inner peace and enjoy a mentally balanced, radiant life.


Embrace connection to uplift your spirit and enhance mental well-being through meaningful bonds.

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Lynne and Victor Brick

In 2015, Lynne and Victor Brick founded the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation in memory of Victor’s oldest brother John, who suffered from schizophrenia and died of complications from the disease. The mission of the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation is to change the way the world treats mental health. In 2020, they were recipients of the Global Wellness Summit Debra Simon award for leadership in furthering mental wellness. Lynne and Victor are also the co-founders of Ohana Growth Partners and Brick Bodies.

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What we believe about mental health

Mental health is the ability to navigate and recover from emotional, social and psychological stress. It is the resilience to cope with life events and maintain a general sense of happiness, contentment and well-being. It is more a journey than a destination.

Requires an integrated mind-body approach

Mental health is more than a brain-centric concept—it's a holistic symphony. Our dietary choices, movements, and relationships harmoniously shape our resilience and overall journey towards well-being.

Occurs on a dual continuum

Mental health spans a continuum: from emotional well-being and contentment, through mild issues like anxiety, to severe conditions such as deep depression and schizophrenia.

Benefits from positive stress

Eustress fuels emotional contentment, psychological resilience, and physical strength, harmonizing mind, body, and spirit in a symphony of positive growth.